Bit Lottery
Crowd Funded Lottery
Q. I would like to invest  in BitLottery but I don't
know how to start.
A. In order to participate in our Lottery, you will need
To make sure that you meet our minimum
requirements. Firstly, you must have a cryptocurrency
wallet (Bitcoin for the moment) and you must be at least
18 years of age to participate in BitLottery. You do not
have to sign up as a member.
Q. Who can participate in your program?
A. Actually , anyone throughout the world can be a
participant in our Lottery who is legally an adult
(depending on the country you are participating from )and
has access to our site.
Q. How can I withdraw the prize if I win?  
A. Provided that you are the winner , the procedure to obtain
your money is simple. We will send you the prize to the
same bitcoin address in which you made the payment. So, you
must make sure that the address you own and use is the same
one as the one where we will transfer you the money( so be
careful not to use your online wallet , but your actual address!).
Q. How secure is my account and personal data?
A. We are employing best and state of the art technologies
available to ensure the security of your money and anonymity. We
use a multi-signature wallet and a hardware wallet to protect
your money in the crowdfunding.
Q. Can I invest more than once?
A. Yes, you may invest as many times as you like. Actually the more shares
you buy , the more chances of winning you have.
Q. Is there any chance I will lose my money?
A. There is a risk involved with investing in any lottery. However, there are a few simple
ways that will reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford to. The more shares you
buy the more chances of winning the lottery you have.
Q. How do we benefit from this event
A. Our team will retain only 5% of the total amount that will be the final prize in order to
host this event again and maintain the server.
Q. About donations
A. The winner of the will earn 90% of the total gathered amount , 5% will be given as a
donation to the Wikileaks (we do want to support them strongly) and the other 5% will
be withhold from us as stated before.
Q. How is the lottery winner picked?
A. We do not chose or draw the winner ourselves as we want the process to be
astransparent as possible. The draw will be held by a third party associate that is credible
and reliable to make sure that there will be no problems at all. You can check our bitcoin
address via blockchain anytime you want to be certain that everything is as we promised!
Bit Lottery
Crowd Funded Lottery
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